About Us

Making the web a better, more useable place

We love to learn, collaborate, and create great digital experiences

Gesso (pronounced JEH-so) is an art term for the white paint mixture used to prepare a canvas or sculpture for painting. Likewise, we prepare Drupal’s markup and styles to give us a clean starting point.

We are a distributed team of contractors headquartered north of Boston specializing in Drupal 8, MIT Drupal Cloud, Pantheon, Acquia, Pattern Lab, and Webflow. We are technology-focused paired with design sensibility and have many years of experience in web development, site building, search engine optimization, UX, style guides, and website security maintenance. All of us have experience working for large educational institutions, museums, NGOs, and enterprise organizations and appreciate the need for WCAG 2.0 Level AAA accessible websites.

Understanding content and goals lead to clarity. Enhancing brand characteristics for the Web requires creative intelligence and smart selectivity. As excellent collaborators, Gesso gets both and uses them.

H. Christian Conover – CMO, New England Hydropower Company

"Thanks for your great design! Drupal is a perfect new website format for this 1729 historic landmark."


"MacPhee Design Group is incredibly flexible and easy to work with and our site turned out to be beyond our wildest dreams. Having never had a website before, they helped us know what we wanted."

Rebecca Wish – President, emma Andews Library

Doing Things Right

This is where opinionated development pays off. We are agency partners with Pantheon giving us a better way to iterate quickly and deliver projects with fewer headaches. Our workflow helps teams launch faster and collaborate with ease in an affordable platform using identical Dev, Test, and Live environments and best practice workflows―keeping projects on time and teams happy.

We support the Drupal Community

We are part of the Drupal Community and you can find us at many Drupal camps and cons. Our Principal, Susan MacPhee founded Design 4 Drupal, Boston in 2009 and we are members of the Drupal Association which is dedicated to helping the open-source Drupal CMS project flourish. Years of conceptualizing and promoting the Design 4 Drupal, Boston conference at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and helping fellow designers work in Drupal, reflect our commitment to the best in web technology and cutting edge design and practices.